Seema Budhraja

Seema Budhraja is a renowned Delhi based Nutritionist. She specializes in weight, nutrition, and lifestyle management. She is a healthy recipe designer and a wellness coach.

Graduated from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country St. Stephens, university of Delhi, she ardently believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind are the premises to achieve a balanced body. The passion to look good starts with the aura of feeling good within, which drives you to achieve your fitness goals and the first step in doing this is to integrate proper nutrition on a daily basis, understanding your diet, knowing what to eat and at what time of the day, getting to know your body and switching to a healthier lifestyle.

Seema has worked as a slimming head with one of the top organizations in the country. She is a nutrition partner with beauty pageants, a panelist with reputed skin and beauty clinics and on a medical panel with one of the biggest parenting communities and website in India.

Her forte lies in e-consultations and e- diet plans. Her clientele includes people from different walks of life including doctors, chefs, teachers,lawyers and so forth from across the globe.

Seema excels in therapeutic diets for diabetics, people with hypertension, pcos, thyroid, post-pregnancy weight loss and other lifestyle disorders.

Her focus is to teach people to make simple changes that will begin to show results almost immediately and will last for a lifetime. The journey to good health begins from within when you realize the need to be in control rather than being controlled.