Online Diet Plans

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Early Morning tea/coffee/fresh lime one cup/glass without sugar
Breakfast tea/coffee one cup without sugar

milk/buttermilk/curds low fat-200ml/1glass

wheat/oats/museli/cornflakes/upma with veg/poha with veg /idliss 25gms raw-cooked 125gms

missi roti/dosa

cheese/paneer/curds/buttermilk/eggs one
Mid Morning apple/orange/papaya/plums/guava fruit one medium
Lunch soup no added fat or starch bowl

green salad 0 cal dressing/lemon

whole pulse -rajamah,lobia,channa etc 25gms raw/125gm cooked

vegetables 125gms cooked/bowl

curds-low fat 125gms/bowl

chapati-wheat+ channa-4:1/rice with whole pulse and vegetables 50gms raw
Evening Tea tea/coffee /fresh lime cup/glass

rosted snacks/sprouts/fruit 25g/one
Dinner soup veg/non veg-no starch/fat bowl

salad 0 dressing

whole pulse/soy/sprouts 25gms raw/125gms cooked

green vegetables

curd - low fat 125gms/bowl

paneer/roasted chickenor fish 25gms/50 gms

chapati-wheat+channa 4:1/rice with whole pulse and vegetables 50gms raw

kindly note that this is only a sample north indian diet.we customise it according

to your eating pattern,lifestyle habits and medical background.we try to include all

food groups in the main meals.